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The travel industry is one of the biggest industries in the world with around $1.7 trillion spent in a year, making it the world’s second-fastest-growing industry. Now, BizzTravels is making global crypto travel a reality. We have a strong and growing network of 450+ Flights and 2000+ Hotels for you to select from. The best part is that you can pay for all this with BIZZ. So whether you’re planning a dream vacation or flying to your next business meeting, you can bid goodbye to Fiat currency and book your travel with BizzCoin.


The world is becoming easier to navigate, and people are increasingly traveling to parts that are not equipped to deal with tourism. Often travelers can be caught out in less developed countries with no access to ATMs and a shortage of reliable ways to pay for goods. The use of digital currencies and smartphones could become the best solution. We aim to provide you a turnkey solution for your travels, where right from booking flight and stay you shall be able to find merchants who would accept BizzCoin for your shopping.


In the future, more hotels, restaurants and shops will be set up with crypto wallets on a smartphone to accept global payments in seconds and we are ready for the FUTURE!

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